Source: Flickr (British Library)

Source: Flickr (British Library)


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Upcoming legislation, regulation and taxation is making buy-to-let investment less appealing, but higher returns offered by crowdfunding are not guaranteed.


pensions, platforms and the youth of today

From Facebook to Facetime, there are many platforms used by the younger generation. Millennials, typically those age 18 to 34, have grown up with technology and are used to high-speed downloads, fast and clear information.

But that is in stark contrast to much of the pensions industry.


reasons to add etfs to your portfolio

Passive investing has come of age in recent years as more investors question the value that some costly active fund managers provide.

While market performance is outside of an investor’s control, the amount they pay is firmly in their hands and many are looking to lower cost alternatives offered by exchange traded funds (ETFs).

But why are more investors buying into ETFs and what can they do for you? We reveal five reasons to add ETFs to your portfolio.


suits you sir: how should your accountant dress?

Walk around central London on any weekday and you will most likely find yourself among men dressed in suits.

The suit is the archetypal outfit of a serious businessman, but the rise of the financial technology sector and internet-businesses in London means you are just as likely to run into a professional wearing a polo shirt or pair of jeans.

So how should London accountants dress?