Image source: Flickr (Daniele Leoni)

Image source: Flickr (Daniele Leoni)


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How decluttering became controversial

Marie Kondo sparked a row with the advice that you need to keep only 30 books.

Hospital grade breast pumps and and tailor's dummies - the weird things people are making cash from online

People are trying to make money out of everything they can - and the shocking thing is that people are actually renting a lot of it from them.

What’s next for house prices and what will happen to the property market in 2018?

How will a Stamp Duty cut and a lack of supply affect the property market next year? We ask the experts.

Why I’m banking on Bitcoin for my childrens’ financial future

There was a time that dinner party guests sat round a table discussing house prices and how they were planning for their children's future by investing in property. Now there is a new subject in the air over those cosy three-course meals: Bitcoin.


charity and the taxman

You don't need to grow a moustache for a charity to benefit.


We Suffer While They Profit. Diesel Cars - Is The Government Doing Enough?

You may have been one of the millions that have purchased diesel cars since good old Gordon Brown reduced vehicle excise duty on these sorts of engines back in 2001 - but now it turns out the emissions from your vehicle could be causing health issues.

The football swapsies worth holding on to

Your playground pastime could become a profitable hobby

How to make money from petrol station memorabilia

Collectors are harking back to the old days by snapping up old petrol pumps, oil cans and enamel signs.

The motorcycle market is growing at full throttle

Rich baby boomers are buying up the models they covered in their youth.


Inflation is eating away at paltry savings and cash ISA deals, yet it is the peer-to-peer sector that is often under the spotlight for putting money at risk. Can the sector change the narrative?

Small print puts the ouch in gift vouchers

Gift cards offer recipients flexibility, but can come with expiry dates and hidden charges. We look at the pros and cons of these once simple presents.


Trump merchandise selling for 100 times the value on eBay, including old Apprentice DVDs, board games and even bottles of water.


It’s time to soak up some truly liquid investments

Returns on rare bottles of wine and whisky are soaring — the biggest risk lies in drinking your profits.

Unhappy with your solicitor? This is how to complain

Consumers have a right to complain in writing or orally about any regulated legal service provider .


How airports are sneakily making millions from charging for luggage trolleys

Top UK airports say the money they take from cash-strapped passengers is used to maintain the service.

Vinyl turns the tables on our music collections

Records have well and truly returned, even popping up in supermarkets, but it is the LPs in your attic that may turn out to be platinum

how to thrive in a low interest rate economy

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has taken drastic action to treat the ailing economy by cutting the base rate to a historic low of 0.25 per cent.

This has put mortgage borrowers in buoyant mood, with repayments set to tumble.


Ten tips if you plan on driving abroad

How to get the best deal on car hire — and the pitfalls to avoid.

Before you make a date, do some background checks

Returns offered by peer-to-peer lenders and crowdfunding platforms are alluring, but research is essential.



The way you can view a property is changing due to technology that enables buyers to ‘visit’ homes without even walking through the front door. 


it may not pay to put your feet up these holidays

Will you be checking work emails by the side of the pool? You could take time to sort your finances out too


Landlords: how to cut your buy-to-let costs

Struggling with costs under the Government's new buy-to-let rules? We can help you ease the burden.


beware of portal juggling: home buyers and sellers warned over estate agent trick

Zoopla and Rightmove are among the first ports of call for homebuyers searching for a property.

These property portals provide a vital service for those looking for a new home, trying to find an estate agent to use, or just to get pricing data on an area.

But evidence has emerged of high street and online estate agents manipulating listings to push themselves to the top of email alerts and boost their presence in what is known as portal juggling.

Why all dads should read their children LGBT nursery books

After almost four years of bedtime stories there are only so many times you can read about magic mirrors or the danger of red apples or spindles. So when my brother-in-law turned up with LGBT-themed nursery book King and King for his nieces we were intrigued.


the great mortgage stretch: Should you borrow for more than thirty years to get on the property ladder?

Longer-life mortgages are helping first-time buyers get their feet firmly on to the property ladder by borrowing for more than 30 years.

This is becoming an attractive option to secure a property – but could leave you paying more than £30,000 extra on a home loan. 


SPECIAL REPORT: Deborah Lipstadt on the rise of ‘softcore’ Holocaust denial

Against the worrying backdrop of anti-Semitism that has surged since the Gaza crisis, Marc Shoffman talks to Holocaust historian Dr Deborah Lipstadt about the impending challenge facing Holocaust education. How will we remember when everyone who remembers has gone? 


Your home insurance holds the key to property disputes

As more people decide to make improvements, many could find themselves facing disputes ranging from boundaries to the rise of iceberg basements.


Buy to let looks promising but do the maths first

Uncertainty can bring opportunities and landlords may pick up cut-price properties from sellers desperate to offload


Beware of Sipp fraudsters

Managing your own pension fund is challenging enough amid volatile investment markets and rising charges. Now the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is warning that the self-invested personal pension (Sipps) market has become vulnerable to fraudulent abuse.

Upbeat outlook for IFAs

Much of the advisory industry operated under the tolling of bells in the run up to the RDR deadline and critics feared clients would refuse to pay fees and would not understand the value offered by advice

A 37-page report from data firm CoreData Research – Adviser Fees and Business Models: Catching Up with Regulation – has shown that advisers spent much of 2013 implementing their charging model.

According to CoreData, advisers spent much of 2013 in transition and have now “worked out some of the kinks and what business and pricing strategies work in the post-RDR world.”